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As our customers' needs grow and change, we adapt. That has led to our growth and development of divisions 2 and 3. We consider this our commitment to offering continued and increased value to our customer partnership.


Wyoming, IL


Our 47,000-square-foot facility houses the main hub of operations performed by Bo/Gar Enterprises. We have CNC milling, Live tool lathes, and a complex assembly department. We have implemented robotic machine tending in our lathe department along with bar feed capabilities. We have a new 6-pallet pool system on our newest horizontal machining center. We continue to find the need to automate our systems to help streamline the end result for our customers cost-effectively. We have the ability to bring in raw material and saw it to the length we need for the machines. Our assembly department has advanced electrical end-of-line testing to ensure that the products leave Wyoming, IL, with zero defects.



Wyoming, IL

This part of Bo/Gar Enterprises, also located in Wyoming, IL, is a 10,000-square-foot building we purchased in 2020. The original idea was to have a building close enough to store raw goods. This quickly changed direction upon researching the ability to produce our fabrications. We can laser, brake, and weld all types of components at Division II. We have offline programming software to support new and quick changeovers. 



Victoria, TX


This building was recently purchased in late 2022. It is a 12,000-square-foot building on 4 acres in Victoria, TX. We found the need to expand with our customers, and this meant we needed to become a local source. We are currently waiting to deliver the new equipment to this location. We are seeking to find talent to help us make sure this plant is as successful as the two we have in Wyoming, IL. More to follow.

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