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Jon Knoblauch


Started Co-Op Senior Year in high school. I started running a shot blast cabinet. I quickly moved to the paint line, learned all about wet paint, and started learning how to read blueprints and customer specifications. I moved over to Fabrications learning how to operate a 5-head cutting torch. The company then purchased a plasma table. Moved over to a press brake. Applied for Quality control position. Went to Blueprint and Geometric positioning and tolerancing classes. Learned how to operate a Romer CMM. I went to another company for growth and opportunity when I was 20 years old. I started in Quality and moved to 2nd shift weld lead man. A position came up in the tool and die sector, and I applied for that position. I worked with a great group of individuals who showed me more than I ever thought I would understand. I learned about design, grinding, heat treating, and so much more. I then moved into helping with robotic weld programming.


In 2008 I interviewed for and accepted a position at Bo/Gar Enterprises as a continuous improvement manager. I came in to learn internal processes and procedures to see if there could be any improvement. I soon took over Shipping and receiving. After that, I was promoted to Production Manager. As that job was going on, I took over the shop scheduling. There are many challenges to these positions, as you can imagine. My title had morphed once again to Sales and Logistics. My roles and responsibilities were to go out and find new work, return to the shop, and ensure it was executed. It is a thin tightrope when you are trying to ensure you are not letting new customers down, along with maintaining expectations for all customers.


In 2017 I was promoted to Vice President. I started to train with President Andy Dwyer on every business aspect. He had shown me a lot throughout my career, but now it was understanding his roles and responsibilities. I found out very quickly that meant everything. In this position, you are responsible for everything in the entire business. I was very grateful to have a mentor. Andy taught me about patience and making sure my decisions did not come with flaws. Always knowing that your people are your number one asset.


1/1/2020 I took over as President of Bo/Gar Enterprises Inc. This also came with great challenges with a global pandemic. I was blessed with a strong team that helped guide the ship through the wreckage. In 2021 we started to see the business pick back up along with our first expansion under my leadership, which we now call Division 2. We purchased this building a few blocks from our main plant. At first, it was going to be storage, but after continuing to work with Andy on all my ideas, we talked about the need to expand our capabilities which led us to the path of a fabrication shop. Working weekends and holidays with help from employees and family members, we gutted the building and started with an open concept. We added new walls and lights and poured slabs for the equipment. We purchased a laser, press brake, and brand-new welders.


This has been such a success that we will do it again. Only this time, it will be in Texas. After much scouting of the Texas terrain, we found an opportunity in Victoria, Texas. We have purchased a 12,000 sqft building on 4 acres and have started ordering equipment. The goal is to have Division 3 fully operational by the last quarter of 2023. The goal is to continue to grow our brand. Stark County is our home. This is where my family lives and where my child will graduate from. We have created great relationships with members of the community and continue to help out where we can locally. With Division 3 up and running, we will have opportunities to bring in more local work and, hopefully, a couple more OEMs.


So, what’s next? I guess you will have to wait and see!

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